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Alright. No one else is doing it, so here's a list of the people that DID NOT complete their submissions.
Out of the 7 people that entered, only 4 people got their drawings complete. I'm not the mod, so I can't do anything about this. Just sayin'.
These were due two weeks ago =/

So.. what ever happened to the rest of the entries?

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digiguy online [userpic]

garh being the lazy one doesn't help ^^;;; for my chosen i haven't finished yet, as i have seem to have lost my fineliner so my trade will be done by tomorrow or the end of today if you will thanks for your patience!!!

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mitsene [userpic]

drew this actually a couple days ago, but forgot about it til now, so i look like a total slacker posting a day before it's due x__X

annnnyway. i got kappyjeanne which kind of confused me at first, considering she's the admin XD;;; but anyway.

on we go!Collapse )

Emily [userpic]

After much brain storming, and beating a dead horse, I finally came up with this!
I'm proud of it. I hope you like it!


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Kappy Rayne [userpic]

Remember: Deadline is June 16!! Theres only 16 days left!
Since May 16 there have only been TWO entries!
Everybody, get your entries in by the 16th! Or you'll be added to the black list.

Oh come on, you want to see more than that.
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Kappy Rayne [userpic]

The emails are out. Please tell me if something happened or if you didnt recieve one!

Shirik Draguinea [userpic]

wow, I'm the first person to submit art to this community!

Well mitsene, you were my chosen one this month and as such I've made you a lil something :)

I used a semi anthro form for it (I hope thats ok ^^;;;) and I must warn you in advance it looks a LOT better irl. If you are at all unhappy I will gladly do a picture for you to accompany it :)

If you would like me to send it to you, please email me your postal address to shikaark@hotmail.com


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